Trustlands add needed MVHS revenues

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The Utah School Land Trust contributes approximately $22,000 to the Monument Valley High School budget each year. The funds are budgeted and disbursed by the School Community Council, a volunteer group of parents, school administrators, teachers and community members.
SCC members meet once a month to administer the funds, which this year will total $24,200. The bulk of that funding will pay the salary for an in-school suspension and recovery specialist whose job it is to work with students academically at risk to insure work is completed and turned in. Some $2,700 also was budgeted this year to pay for educational software called Study Island, a comprehensive teaching tool primarily geared toward preparing students for high-stakes assessments such as SAGE or ACT tests.
Additional funds of $3,500 were budgeted to pay for equipment such as instruments and computer hardware. The total expenditures for this school year will be $24,200, which includes a $2,452 carry-over of funds from last year.
Parents on the SCC are Tami Carlson. Stephanie Sanders, Dinah Holiday, Edelbert Slim, Vernese Esplin and Carol Begay. Carlson serves as chairperson, Sanders as vice-chair.
The school is represented by Spencer Singer, principal, and Doug Freed and Jacob Bahr, teachers.
The next SCC meeting is 4:30 p.m. Nov. 13 in room 206 at MVHS. The meetings are open to the public and members value community input.

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Trustlands add needed MVHS revenues