MVHS makes the turnaround ‘grade’

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by Vista Staff

The latest results of Monuments Valley High School’s state-mandated turnaround efforts are in and celebrations are in order.

Monument Valley High School is headed toward becoming a “C” or potentially even a “B” school by next year.

MVHS started the turnaround process two years ago with a score of 29 percent — and a letter grade of “F” — out of a possible score of 900 points. Scores improved to 39 percent last year and this year reached 43 percent.

On a rating scale that will be in place by next year, the score of 43 percent will earn the school a letter grade of “C.” Should the school improve to a 51 percent mark, it will earn a letter grade of “B.””

Principal Spencer Singer said he is confident the scores will be maintained to reach the “C” level next year and feels it is quite possible the school will improve to the “B” level.

The scores are based on a complicated formula that combines academic measures such as Sage test scores, ACT test scores, graduation rates and student improvement.


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MVHS makes the turnaround ‘grade’